Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, 2008

Ok, so right after I wrote the post on Wednesday, Emily decided to crawl.  She is already crawling like she has known how to do it all along.  Too funny again how different they are.  Bethany just went for it no matter how sloppy it looked or felt and then perfected it.  Emily did the wounded soldier crawl, to the commando belly crawl, to a combination of commando and actual hands and knees, to full on crawl.  I have to say it is really fun to have two of them the same age and to watch how completely different each child can be.
Bethany is loud and tests everything.  She screams all the time, whether that is playing or if she is hungry, tired, just wants some attention, etc.  They are making the same types of sounds, Bethany just makes them louder.  Emily is so quiet... she coos and babbles to herself and will lay in her bed and play quietly, but when she actually cries she means business.  Something is seriously wrong or needed.

It looks like both of my girls are going to be pacifier babies again.  Emily is actually taking a pacifer ALL day long while she is cutting teeth.  I haven't seen her suck her thumb in weeks.  I finally had to break down and go get more pacifiers so that we would have plenty between the two of them.  Bethany seems to like the ones that Emily takes also (better than her Soothies most of the time).  I am not sure if that is really the case or if she just wants what sister has?

Well, the girls are all over the house now when we don't have them confined to the playroom.  They found the dishwasher fascinating yesterday and Bethany managed to escape from the nursery while I was feeding Emily and decided to share a meal with Boo kitty.  By the look on her face, Boo was not happy to share her cat food at all, but Bethany really seemed to think it was tasty!!  I didn't have my camera in easy reach, otherwise I would have taken a picture.  They also REALLY like the water fountain because it has rocks in the bottom so I have to constantly move them away from it.  I have a feeling it will get moved to another (less accessible) room in the next week or so.  When they are confined it is pretty funny because they stand behind the bars, shake them, and yell "ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma!!"

Oh yeah, you need to check out the picture website because I updated it with LOTS of new photos.  We were a few months behind, but should be caught up now!!

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