Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1, 2008

Wow, lots has changed in a week!!  Bethany is crawling like a pro now.  She actually crawled for the first time at Aunt DeeDee's house last Saturday during Heather and Josh's baby shower.  All for a Frito that John put on the floor to entice her.  I think she should wear a sign "will crawl for food" since that was the only way that we could get her to crawl for the first few days.  Emily is not "crawling" per say, but she can definitely get around fairly quickly with her wounded soldier tummy scoot.  She uses her left leg to push off and her right arm/elbow to pull her forward.  It is hilarious to watch.  Now it is impossible to keep either of them in the play room.  Hopefully we will get a gate up soon and Boo Kitty will have a place to run for freedom!  They are getting faster and faster so that soon she will not be able to get away from them so easily, especially since they find her fascinating.

Both girls are pulling up now.  Emily pulled up all by herself in her crib today but Bethany has been doing it for a little bit longer and I have had to lower her bed down since she is trying to stand on the bumper pad to get out.  Nap times are a bit more of a challenge than they were before with them both so very mobile.  Bethany has every single Soothie pacifier that we own in her bed since she won't go to sleep without them and she keeps dropping/throwing them out of her mouth when she is standing and talking to Emily.  Emily has decided recently that she is no longer a "thumb-sucker" all the time and wants a pacifier for nap and bedtimes.  I thought that was an interesting change of preference, but it doesn't bother me since I figure it will be easier to get rid of a pacifier someday than to stop her from sucking her thumb!   

Here is a pic of the girls standing in the playroom:

Both girls are starting to talk much more now.  Emily is using sounds like "ba ba, da da and ma ma."  She talks all the time, but is pretty quiet and will hang out and talk to herself if nobody is there to listen to her.  I have been working with her on associating waving with "bye bye" since she had started holding her hand up and waving.  Now she will wave sometimes when you say "bye bye," but not every time.  Bethany just prefers to squeal and blow zerberts, although she will try to out-sing anyone who will give her a fair chance.  We keep having to turn up American Idol to be able to hear the actual singing over her "singing/squealing" with or against the contestants!!  She made John laugh really hard first thing in the morning a couple of days ago since we woke up to her blowing zerberts at Emily which we could hear through the monitor in our room.

Both girls are eating really well.  We have tried out just about every pureed vegetable and fruit that they have out and will be moving on to cheeses and meats (which John dreads for the smelly diapers) soon.  So far they have liked pretty much everything but green beans, although they will eat them anyway.  Emily cut another tooth on the bottom left yesterday which gives her three teeth now.  They are so cute when they smile with their teeth on bottom.  I think it will be even cuter when they get the top teeth to go with them.  Although, they should be cutting those two teeth on the top soon which their mama is not quite ready for as Bethany has already decided to take a bite out of me that brought blood.  For you moms out there, it is very hard not to cuss at that moment and your instinct wants to slap that baby or throw them across the room and take care of yourself.  But as I wasn't able to do those things, we just used the "no more, you are done!" approach a few times and it has actually seemed to work so far.  Hopefully I won't have to find out that it has not worked as I have a feeling that I will be weaning at least one baby if that happens again!!

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