Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31th, 2008

It is amazing what the girls understand already.  I talked to John on the phone at the end of his workday yesterday and put him on speakerphone just to see what my two fussy little girls would do.  Emily IMMEDIATELY had a huge grin on her face and was staring at the phone like "that is MY daddy!!," then it took a few seconds more and she got a confused look on her face and started looking around the room wanting to know where he was.  After I hung up the phone and she couldn't hear his voice anymore, she got fussy again and actually started to cry.  I got up to walk around with her (which usually gets her quiet).  I think for the first time ever... she didn't want me, she was looking for her daddy over my shoulder and trying to turn around so that she could see better because he just had to be there... she had heard him!

I am only guessing, but I would wager that we only have a few more weeks before someone is mobile (other than rolling everywhere).  Bethany has figured out how to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth.  So far, she can't go anywhere, she just ends up pushing off and straightening both of her legs at the same time... but I feel it... it is coming!!  It is pretty funny to watch her get around, she scoots backward on her tummy like a doodle bug, but she nods her head at the same time which gives her the appearance of a bull about to charge.  She is also getting pretty proficient at pulling up on us.  I have caught both girls trying to pull up using the link-a-doos that their toys are hanging from and evaluating some of the harder plastic toy frames to figure out how they might be able to use them as well.  Oh boy... we better get ready!

They are noticing each other much more now.  Today they sat across from each other and had a "conversation" back and forth.  It was fun to watch.  One would coo and squeal and then the other would sort of mimic those sounds back.  Bethany likes to touch Emily which makes Emily get mad and start grunting/fussing.  I can already hear the "mommy... she touched me!!" in her head.  Bethany then usually looks up at me with an expression of "what?  It wasn't me!"  Most of the time I have to separate them with toys so that they can't reach each other.  We also finally had to break down and buy another pacifier tether for Emily so that she would quit stealing Bethany's pacifier or trying to use the tether to pull her over as you can see in the picture.    

Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26th, 2008

The girls are so much fun right now.  Emily has had both of her bottom teeth for a few weeks now and Bethany just cut her second tooth yesterday.  Emily has already used her two little teeth to bite mommy and to eat the corner off of a bookmark.  Somehow she managed to get all the way across the playroom and over to my chair... where the bookmark was on the floor... within a span of about 5 minutes while I thought I would let them play for a little while without me in the room.  Amazing!!  Bethany is becoming a total mama's girl.  She wants to be in my lap or touching me at all times.  She is even beginning to reach for me when her daddy has her which is making him sad for the moment.  She loves to play sitting up, but does not like to play for very long on her tummy or back and although she CAN roll over, she would rather you come and "save" her instead.  Emily on the other hand is a rolling machine.  She has figured out how to get places by rolling and never ceases to amaze me how quickly she can move.

Bethany decided that she didn't like cutting teeth on Monday and cried almost all day causing her to go hoarse which is sad but adorable since she does what we have now so lovingly named the "binker call" at night.  It sounds so pitiful without much of a voice!  Emily figured out how to do a "fake" cough to get our attention on Thursday which is precious.  Now she does it any time we leave the room and when we look back she is looking at us with her head tipped to the side and a silly little grin on her face like "what?  I didn't do anything!!"

They are eating "real food" now and it is fun to watch.  Bethany grunts and gets frustrated if the food doesn't come fast enough.  She will eat pretty much anything, but has learned how to spit at us (so cute the first 9 or 10 times, but then...a little frustrating when she does it with every spoonful).  Emily is in la-la land most of the time, she looks around to see what is going on or what she can get into.  Hmm... where is that kitty?, oooh look... mommy is over there, what IS that on the counter, I bet I can reach that!, etc.
Both girls love to laugh and they look forward to their daddy coming home each day since he gets on the floor and tickles and plays with them.  It is fun to watch them have "daddy time."  He is the only one that can make them both laugh really hard.  I keep hearing that they only get cuter as they get older.  It is hard to believe as I think that they are the cutest that they can be right now!!