Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Whew!  Well, they just keep growing and getting smarter and smarter.  Both girls are old pros at pulling up now and will look for anything that they can find to pull up on.  It is fun to come in after nap time and find them standing up in their beds looking at each other and talking over the rails.  On Friday I put one of their little foam chairs down on the floor for them to play with and use to pull up on.  Emily immediately climbed up in it and stood up.  I got her down and looked back at Bethany who was already on her knees in the chair getting ready to stand.  I was shocked.  I had no idea that they could climb as well as stand up!!  Needless to say, the chair is now out of reach unless Mommy is in the room.  

Emily still does not crawl, but at least her wounded soldier has found the use of her right leg and turned into a full on commando crawl most of the time.  Bethany can crawl anywhere and get there very quickly.  I often put her down in the floor and look back to find her already across the room (usually under something that I didn't know they could get under).  They have been really cute lately because they now look for each other across the room and want to be right next to each other to play.  Bethany still wants whatever Emily has but Emily has learned to kick her legs and "fake" cry to try to keep her away.    

Both girls are "testing" their balance further by letting go of objects and standing with no handholds.  Bethany is getting very good at this and has even figured out how to stand up from something that is only a few inches off the floor.  She can also let go for awhile and then grab hold again if she feels like she might fall.  Emily is just beginning to let go and can only stand for a couple of seconds before she sits back on her rear end.  Oh boy, so I was hoping to keep them from walking until they are a year old.  Well, one can still hope right?    

The girls are also drinking out of a sippy cup.  They have been doing this for about a month or so now, but Bethany just figured out how to hold the cup on her own.  She wants to do it herself now which is too cute.  It is a little bit heavy for her and she can't really get it tipped up far enough to get much of a drink unless it is really full, but she is doing it none the less.  Emily will help hold her bottle and has been working on that for awhile now, but she hasn't figured out the handles on the sippy cup yet.  I leave it in the playroom on the floor so that they can get to it when they want, but for some reason they seem to ignore it most of the time.

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