Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29th, 2008

The girls are all over the place now.  They have learned how to climb and love to climb up and slide down their new slide.  We had to do a little work on the sitting instead of standing at the top and which way to turn to be able to slide down.  They also love their "playhouse" that they can climb through the tunnels and play in the tent houses.  They have been chasing each other in circles round and round through the tunnels.  

I also thought it was interesting to watch them a few days ago.  After watching the special that aired on the National Geographic channel about multiples in the womb, it is neat to watch the girls do some of the things that they said they would probably do.  They have played through the mesh on the playhouse (one on the outside and one inside) touching each others hands, feet, heads, etc. while giggling the whole time.  How cool would it be if they could actually remember what it was like to be in the womb touching each other.  

They are saying so many words now.  Words that only John and I understand, but hey... they are still words.  Bethany is still saying "puppy," but she also says "meow" now when she sees Boo Kitty.  Emily will "tweet" like one of the squeaky bird toys and can say "fishy" and "cup."  Both girls know where their bellies are and will pat them when you ask.  They also know (and can say) what a "shoe" is and have gotten to where they get excited about putting shoes and socks on because that means they are going somewhere.  They LOVE music and will dance just about any time they hear music.  Bethany claps her hands and turns circles, Emily stomps her feet and squats up and down.  They automatically go to their high chairs when I ask them if they are hungry, or if it is time to eat.  They amaze me on a daily basis how much they understand of what we are saying.  I told Emily that she had a "shoowee" diaper yesterday and asked if she needed a diaper change.  She patted the diaper and then pulled on the top of it to let me know that she was ready.  Amazing... simply amazing.

They are getting so big and tall now.  I was watching John when he picked up Bethany this morning and couldn't believe how far her legs stretched down.  They are both pretty much running now and have learned how to "love" each other.  It is actually really cute, they will pat each other on the head and lean in toward each other for a head-butt with big huge smiles on their faces.  

Well, I better get going, but I wanted to post a few videos.  One is of the girls playing round and round in the playhouse, one is of Emily sliding, and one is of both of them dancing.  Enjoy.  

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