Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008

Oh my goodness, it has been awhile since I wrote on here.  The girls have been sick with snotty noses and ear infections since about a week after Easter so we have been exhausted.  We are on our third round of antibiotics and it looks like it might actually be working (after 8 days of taking it).  It is a good night when we make it all the way through with no crying.  We have had two good nights in a row (knock on wood) so we hope that signifies an end to them being sick.

On a side note, the girls have a new cousin for those of you who don't know.  James Edward Marlowe was born on the 28th of April and is absolutely adorable.  As another side note, the girls got to go to their second Texas A&M graduation last week.  We laughed about that since they are not yet a year old and have already been to two graduations.  Congratulations to Aunt JeanMarie for graduating from Vet School!!  

Well, what is new right now?  Bethany has learned to literally "throw" fits.  If we put her down on the floor and she doesn't want to be put down, she will throw her head forward or backward toward the floor.  She has had a few hard bumps this way, so she seems to be learning to at least put her head down a little more gently now.  It is really tough to watch her bump her head pretty hard and not go pick her up immediately just because she hurt herself.  Emily has learned a new cry... nope, I would call it more of a "squeal."  She uses this when she doesn't get her way now.  It is hard not to laugh and try to ignore her since it is so funny to watch her face.  It is such a fake cry.  Other than that, they are just all over the house and into everything.  I feel like I spend the majority of the day saying "no ma'am" or redirecting their attention to something that is okay for them to play with.  

Bethany will test things to see if they are ok.  If we tell her no, she will just stand her ground until we move her away most of the time (this is usually when she bumps her head on the floor!).  Emily is a little bit sneakier.  She will get into things then try to run and hide.  For example, she likes the rocks that are in the bottom of the water fountain.  She will get a rock and put it in her mouth and then crawl away as quickly as she possibly can so that she is nowhere near where she knows she is not supposed to be.  John noticed this the best when they got a container of Gerber "stars" open and spilled them out on the floor so that they could eat them.  When John found them, Bethany was sitting in the middle of the floor shoveling them in her mouth as fast as she could and Emily was crawling away as fast as she could go so that she would not get in trouble.

They have both learned how to head-butt things.  I think this is a trait that John taught them.  They seem to do this to things that they really like.  The first time we really saw them do this was to Boo Kitty, but now they will do it to toys, stuffed animals, and especially their Daddy's forehead.  It is really sweet because they will do it really softly and just lean their head down if they want to be loved on or cuddled with.  

Well, on to the bigger things.  As of yesterday... they both decided that they should start walking.  We have been letting them take a few steps between us, but most of the time they will lean forward toward us and the other person will have to help hold them up.  For some reason, yesterday it just clicked and both of them were experimenting between our coffee table and the couch.  We think that it might be because there was a 13 month old little boy that came to our house yesterday that was walking.  John noticed the girls "testing out their legs" much more yesterday while he was here.  

Oh yeah... just to let everyone know, the little boy was here with his mom who was taking pictures of the girls to put in Twins Magazine as an advertisement for their company Chewable Jewels (  We thought it was pretty cool that she picked us for their pictures.  She saw us in a restaurant and then saw us again a few weeks later and asked us if we would be interested.  We said yes.  I got some free product and believe it or not... the girls actually loved it and chewed on them all day yesterday.  I figure they will be great to wear to church or anytime we go out with the girls as they kept them quiet and content while we shopped yesterday also. 

Well, I can't think of anything more right now, but I do want to post the videos of the girls walking yesterday so that you guys can see.  I was looking at them and saying that I can't believe that they are getting so big.  So here they are.  The first is Emily going for a Cheerio and the second starts with Bethany but then they both walk a few more steps to get to their Daddy and the Cheerios.

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I can't believe they are walking!! Oh....and bless you John!

Love you guys!